Sale, installation
and repair

of Sensotronic
Brake Control /
SBC systems

Mercedes W211 SL R230
CLS W219



To all orders we belong at the highest level, all the parcels individually pack with maximum responsibility in order to avoid damage during shipment, making solid packaging firm seal, and additionally insure all outgoing cargo. it is important for us that you have received your order in the form in which we will send to you.

For you, we choose the best quality and the best parts from around the world. We are most interested in the reliability of all parts without exception, for it all b / y, reconditioned or new parts we establish certain guarantees for the installation and testing. To boo parts firm established 14 day warranty on reconditioned 6 months and more than 1 year. All warranties come into their power from the receipt of your order in the transport service, and not from the date of payment or installation, please do not confuse this moment! In case if you sold the item still has flaws or defective, we will exchange it or refund your money at your option. Shipping cost is partially refundable upon return.

Subsequent purchases we take into account your costs associated with the acquisition of the items have shortcomings and do the maximum discounts. We appreciate your trust and your peace of mind. We are always ready to help in disputable moments with car services or unscrupulous masters who impose on poor-quality installation. We have extensive experience in the sale, installation and repair of parts sold on its website, and so we can advise you and supporting you when choosing your required parts.

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