Sale, installation
and repair

of Sensotronic
Brake Control /
SBC systems

Mercedes W211 SL R230
CLS W219


Payment and shipping


The cost of all available spare parts on site installed directly by LLC "MotorsGear" based on the purchase prices and the exchange rate of the Central Bank rates. Due to the fact that we are engaged in importing auto parts from different parts of Europe, America and Japan, we are bound to any changes in the currency market, in this regard, we periodically raise or lower prices for our items. This point is the same basis that the parts purchased by us are of excellent quality.

We apologize if you did not have time to change the price of goods and kindly ask not to be lazy and to specify the final price at the time of the request by referring to e-mail or for your convenience we have introduced the online live chat and toll-free manager.

If the Online chatting for 1 minute you probably answered no system failure occurred, for this you can leave the chat request and include your phone number or e-mail, and we will contact you shortly. We appreciate your time and your trust in us, so demand from you as much information about the required details, for us the most convenient and fast option for a response to the request is the number of required parts. If you send us a tasting cars, the answer to your request may be during the working day.

We also offer delivery of spare parts "to order" in the shortest time. For many products, we try to attach your business card, it is done for greater trust us that we do not use other people's photos and use your details directly. We have several European regular suppliers and with their consent, some photos may be used to from other sites.

When you click to buy you go to the "basket" of goods and further in the manual. The final price is determined on the basis of delivery to the desired location of the recipient. Payment for orders made in rubles or euros by the invoice or in the near future through the payment service Wallet One Checkout. Payments in euros, you can also pay at the bank or through the system share fell ( .In the near future we will introduce to the site all the possible forms of payment.

In many regions, we have our own offices, through which you can also make an order you needed spare parts. Please note that when ordering through our representation of the order cost increases depending on the cost of goods by 5-10%


We deliver, forward as quickly as possible and convenient for you. We deliver to all regions of Russia and CIS countries without exception: up to 31 kg EMC services, Dimex, SPSR Express, as well as anywhere in the world: Europe, Asia, USA DPD services, Mail European priority. Loads over 31 kg are sent directly via Belarus transport companies "KIT" or "Energy" with all its attendant documents.

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